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Create balance. Feed your soul. Fuel your body. Expand your mind. Strengthen yourself, inside out. ॐ



I sat in my kitchen window feet planted on the fire escape surround by our lush little garden. It’s filled with peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, dill, basil and wildflowers. Wildflowers in pots, but wildflowers none the less. There are flowers that grow mini flowers in them; miraculous. I watched a bumble bee buzz from one flower to the next, tucking into each and every one gathering the sweet nectar and then traveling on. He double checked each flower, digging back into the center as if to make sure he’d gotten all he could. After determining that his job there was done he flew off into the sky, no looking back.

I spoke to the plants I told them they were lovely and strong. I am truly proud of each one thriving there on my little fire escape in Brooklyn. I began to pick off the dead leaves and browning stems from each plant; ridding it of the presence of death and decay while also allowing it’s life energy to flow into the healthy stalks and fruit. I then picked a fully ripened pepper as I saw new babies budding. This would allow the plant to send all its efforts and love to the babies instead of using it’s energy merely to keep the grown pepper alive. Beyond that the pepper was ready, he no longer needed the plant. He was ready for the next phase of his existence. It was then that it hit me, we work like this too.

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